Angel Freedman is a Registered Social Worker, specializing in Individual, Relationship, Couple and Family Counselling. She also offers her expertise in Separation and Divorce Recovery Counseling, Parenting After Separation and Divorce, Blended Family Parenting, Infidelity, Addictions, Domestic Violence, Children/Youth, Family, Trauma and Grieving.
  • On Individual Counselling; Angel believes that individuals that seek counselling want to live better lives. Angel's suggestion on readings, journaling and dialoguing has clients encouraged to heal.
  • On Couples Counselling; Angel's counselling approach with couples is to work with both people to ensure that the relationship is first and that both individuals are on board through couple meetings, proper communication and fun together.
  • Parenting; Learn how to conduct family meetings, create chore charts, schedules, rule lists, and other basic parenting tools. Develop a parenting plan that suits you and your family so that everyone feels the sense of belonging and worth.
  • Separation & Divorce Recovery Counselling; Angel has devised a healing and grieving process for individuals who are going through separation and divorce. Her supportive recovery program offers individuals tools to work through a very traumatic time in a persons life.
  • Respectful Uncoupling Counselling; The concept of Respectful Uncoupling has been helping couples end marriages in a safe and cost affective manner with a third party in the room. Angel offers individuals tools to heal separation and couples ways to separate that leaves everyone's dignity in tact.
Angel's love for learning, reading, and continually finds time to keep educating herself.

Angel is a leader, communicator, an experienced negotiator, public speaker, and problem solver. Angel is a firm believer that no problem is so big that we can't find a solution together.
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