Couples Counselling

Changes the views of the relationship. Throughout the therapeutic process, Angel attempts to help both partners see the relationship in a more objective manner.  They learn to stop the “blame game” and instead look at what happens to them as a process involving each partner. Couples counselling is a means to approach the issues with a clear vision of what both parties are looking for in a healthy relationship going forward, such as proper communication, couple meetings, and fun together.  

Counselling Services

  • Promoting strengths
  • Decreasing emotional avoidance
  • Solving conflicts
  • Improving your relationship
  • Changing the views of the relationship
  • Modifying dysfunctional behaviours

Frequently Asked Questions

My partner doesn’t want to go to counselling, what can I do?

I suggest not giving up on your partner. Encourage your partner that the relationship means so much to you and having a safe space for you both to talk out your issues can be the missing link.

My partner had an affair, can we still save our marriage?

Affairs happen, and couples can decide to work together on their relationship.  With the right plan, communication and commitment your relationship can be saved.

My partner and I want to separate and we want to have someone help us do it amicably.

Respectful uncoupling is for couples who understand that their relationship is now over. Having a neutral third party in the room can be very supportive, allowing the couple to say how they feel and collaborating together what the next steps are.