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You Can Choose to Move Forward After Separation & Divorce

Do you remember your first boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you remember when you “broke up” and how hurt you were? I am to believe though you moved on and had other boyfriends or girlfriends and eventually married and now you are facing separation and divorce.

The reason I am bringing up your first boyfriend or girlfriend from the past is because you are not dwelling on the past...or are you? Most of us moved on, a slight broken heart when we broke up with our first boyfriend or girlfriend, but we seemed to have move forward. Do you hate your first boyfriend’s or girlfriend's wife or husband now? I would  hope not.

I want you to know it is possible to move forward with the right counselling and/or group therapy.  People fall in love again and they find new partners. I do understand that in separation and divorce it can be a little more complicated than our first boyfriend or girlfriend, I mean there are no children, dogs, wedding gifts, really bad vases or houses involved in first relationships as young people, though all those things can be worked out as adults who CHOOSE to move forward.

Bottom line is RELATIONSHIPS END.....I can’t stress that enough and when they end they are in the past. If you are ready to move forward you are actually living in the present.

Animosity, revenge, hate, depression and anger are emotions we all can feel after separation and divorce. In the moment all those feelings are justifiable....just remember though they are not healthy to hold onto forever. You can choose, happiness, love and respectful relationships going forward.

Mid-life love can be and is actually beautiful and attainable. If you have a chance to read the book, “The Authentic Heart” by John Amodeo, PhD. An Eightfold Path to Midlife Love. Love in mid-life is so different because you are more mature and understand fully what you are looking for in a spouse and lifelong partner.

Why do people hate their ex-husband or wife’s new partner? Is that fair to the other person? Always think that once you have found a new love would you want your ex-partner to be rude or disrespectful to the new person in your life? Yes, the pain is real and it is there, I am not disqualifying anyone’s feelings, what I am saying is the union with your ex-partner is over....that is the truth.

If you have children and are choosing to say derogatory statements about your ex-partners new love you are directly teaching that it is not OK to move forward in life when relationships end. Is that fair to a child? What message does that send? I would hope all young people have the chance to break-up with a boyfriend or girlfriend at least once.

Counselling or group therapy really helps, talk about your feelings and choose to live your life to the fullest.


“Releasing the Past to Move Towards The Present”
Healing Separation & Divorce Without Medication.