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Separation & Divorce in York Region

Did you know that right here in York Region, we have people who are separated and divorced?

I am asked on a daily basis why I started the York Region Separated & Divorce Self-Help Group, which meets every other Monday night in Aurora. My answer is...I saw a need for a self-help group to support people who are going through separation and divorce in a non-judgmental, no religion and open sharing format.

We discuss topics such as parenting, sadness, anger, conflict, and many other related topics that the group and I choose together.

Many people view separation and divorce as a "death" well in many ways it is a "birth". Why? Well, one or both parties decide that the marriage is no longer functioning and it is best to end the union. Sounds simple? Well it's not, not at all.

Together we discuss the issues at hand and I encourage all participants to move forward in life and find new ways to live life without the anger, disappointment and sadness of the ended marriage. Relationships end, but your life can move forward and be fulfilled in other ways and who knows you may just find that person in this world you were meant to be with.

Happiness starts with your choice to be happy. You would be surprised, when you are happy so is everyone else around you...most of all your children. It is your choice.


ps  Ask me about my support for parents with the creation of parenting plans.
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