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Healing Separation & Divorce Without Medication.

Why is it as a society we are quick to seek help if we break a leg or have the flu? We know what to do to recover from a broken leg; we go to the hospital and get a cast, and with the flu we need lots of fluids and rest. How about sadness, anger, unhappiness and despair? How about feelings while going through Separation & Divorce?

The new “normal” to cope with all emotions seems to be in a pill form. The problem is you are masking the pain and deciding to not talk about it and basically avoiding the inevitable.

In our Separation & Divorce Self-Help Group in York Region we discuss all emotions that the group is going through such as anger, sadness, despair and general confusion to what is going to happen next. We also talk about going forward; this is a very important part of healing. You are in the healing and then you are out of it. I am not saying there is a time limit put on everyone’s individual healing process, but I encourage the group to discuss the future, it is part of healing the past.

I encouarge my clients to make a time commitment to me and commit to their own healing plan.  We visit the past and we also make time to move forward. Continually talking about the past, is just that the PAST we eventually have to leave it there. We visit it, but the bottom line is we are in the moment and we are moving forward.

How long do you want to stay angry? Anger is your choice and a very healthy emotion. I suggest that at some point if would be healthy for you to talk about your feelings and what is going on for you. You also have the choice to be happy. Talking about your separation and divorce with one person or a group can make a world of difference, you are not alone.

As a counsellor it is my utmost pleasure to have the privilege to listen to my individual clients and facilitate the Separation & Divorce Self Help Group every two weeks. My schooling experience, my life experience, and research has brought me to the conclusion people want to be happy and I will supprt you through the healing to live your best life ever. Please visit my website for further information

Happiness is your choice.


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