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Healing Separation and Divorce - How to Get Started.

Healing Separation and Divorce

I am pleased to announce that the Separation and Divorce Group of York Region has been meeting for two years.

Why did I start a separation and divorce group? I am asked this question all the time. I believe that people going through separation and divorce are in a traumatic time in their lives. A support group alongside private counselling can encourage healing and learning how to heal in a group setting. Separation and divorce is very normal, if half of society is getting separated, I deem this very normal.

 Separation and divorce is not a death. Separation and divorce is the end of a marriage.

Friends and family. People around the separating couple can be very helpful and very destructive all at the same time. If you are wondering what a person needs when they are going through separation and divorce here are a few tips. A home cooked meal, a gift certificate to a local book store, journals, pens, a listening ear, refrain from your story or stories you heard. Negative information to a person going through separation and divorce is not what they need. Over talking about the separation and divorce is also detrimental to the person’s healing.

Group members ask very similar questions. How long till I feel better? He/she is not the person I married, what happened? I am angry, sad and confused how do I deal with my feelings? What can I do to start healing? How do I get through holidays and events? I am so sad I can’t get out of bed, when will that feeling end? These are just a few of the many questions participants have in the group. Every two weeks we touch on all feelings, all emotions, all questions and we heal together.   We cry, laugh and work through all emotions knowing that it takes time to day at a time.

To learn more about the York Region Separation and Divorce Self-Help Group visit For questions please contact Angel Freedman BSW RSW This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 905-780-8119

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