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Couple & Marriage Maintenance

Couples & Marriage Maintenance

As a society we seem to take the union between two people, for granted.   A pretty bold statement I would believe most people may say. Let me explain why.

Couples and Married people want to stay together. They want to be happy, in love, be accepting of each other, support each other emotionally, and have a wondrous and intimate sex life. The Couples & Marriage Workshops have been created to develop intimacy in your relationship by making your relationship a priority.

What are the basics? Most people want to remain in the relationship they are in, but feel that they are looking for answers to develop a better and more intimate relationship with their partners.

Let’s start with communication; are you talking to your partner? Are you taking the time to really listen to each other? Creating a space in your home to be together with a cup of tea for just 10 minutes a day to truly open your hearts about your feelings, dreams, fears, and joys are essential for relationships. This is a special uninterrupted time that the two of you can have eye to eye contact away from the rest of the world. Make time for daily “marriagemeetings”.

Have fun with your partner, pull out the old scrabble game and find time to play a game or two during the week. Bring popcorn in bed and laugh when you find a piece in the morning. Find time to laugh and giggle together.

Intimacy in a love relationship is one of the most loving, bonding and beautiful unions between two people. When two people are in love....true love like the great poets wrote about, you are truly happy with your partner.

You yourself also have to be happy, your partner can add to your happiness but, he or she cannot make your happiness. Discuss your feelings and seek a counsellor if you are feeling you cannot get passed whatever it is that has brought on your unhappiness. Be honest and true with your partner to allow him or her to be there when you need support.

A friend once told me, that your partner cannot be your friend. I disagree with that statement; your partner is your best friend.

One last little tidbit of information; when you have children, you and your partner need to make more of an effort to nurture the relationship. Remember you and your partner are the most important relationship you guys were first and when children move out your partner will still be there if you do the maintenance.


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