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Are you a person who is staying in your marriage for your childrens sake?

Are you in a marriage that is not functioning?  Are you the person that says, "I am staying in my marriage, for my childrens sake."

Are you in a loveless and lifeless marriage? What are you demonstrating to your children?  You are saying very clearly, "that it is ok to be in a union that has no life, love or fun." 

Marriages that are healthy, show signs of affection such as; kissing, hugging, touching and laughing together is a life full of fun. 

Ignoring, silence and no affection speaks loud and clear to children watching on the sidelines. 

What are we teaching our children?  We are teaching them that it is OK to be unhappy, miserable and in a relationship that is non functioning. 

WAIT......are you really sure you want to give these messages to your sons and daughters?  Be clear about this, they are watching you and will take this message with them going forward into relationships of their own.

By the way you are worth a better and happier life AND so are your children.  Remember you are your childrens greatest teacher and they ware watching you and what you are doing. 

Be brave and find the support you need: you and your children are worth it.


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